NHS Theater’s Audio Visual Department is responsible for daily events in the school that include a projector and/or computer. Distribution of responsibilities and events will take place every Thursday in The Black Box Theater and will pertain to the events of the upcoming week. Information about when and where the events are as well as what equipment will be needed will also be shared at the weekly tech meetings. It is the job of the assigned techie to show up to the event at least half an hour before it starts, set up all equipment designated in the tech meeting, and be present when the event starts. The proctor of the event will tell you if you need to be present for the entirety of the event or if you need to be “on call”–which just means you are nearby in case something goes wrong. Be sure to break down all your equipment before leaving for the day and return projector carts to the IT room.

The A/V Department also works closely with the Sound Department on events and productions. The Head of the A/V Department acts as the assistant to the Head of the Sound Department. Both are good resources if and when you have questions about the equipment we use and our technology protocols.


For questions please contact:

  • Current Head of A/V, Ben Bosco at ben.bosco@stu.northampton-k12.us