All people in this article wish to remain anonymous

 Everyone loves a good musical, the singing, dancing and theatrics are enough to entice anyone. But what about here at NHS? Where the musical has been consistently loosing money for the past two years. I decided to see what people thought. Everyone was asked the same two questions. “Do you enjoy the musical?” and “Do you think it’s being done right” Each question was answered by one person in each grade who will be refereed to as 9,10,11 and 12 respectively.


9th grader “Based on the two musicals I’ve seen here, I don’t enjoy the musical. It comes off as tacky and hastily put together. As far as how it’s being done I don’t know the inner-workings of it but based of seeing it I don’t think it’s done right. I hope it gets better because there are some really talented singers and actors in this school.”

10th grader “I think the musical is a charming piece of theater that stands out compared to other more traditional productions we put on throughout the year. When done correctly, it is a wonderful experience everyone should have the pleasure to be a part of in anyway, shape, or form. It’s a great way to develop as an individual and be part of a team committed to doing the best with what’s at hand. Being part of the crew for Spelling Bee, I had the honor to develop a first hand account for the challenges and hardships the musical faces as a dying art form. Between tight budgets, low turnouts, and the choice unfamiliar shows, the musical is facing a sink-or-swim situation. I think the production process for the musical needs to be overhauled and reevaluated, and done in such a way that includes a larger demographic of students are their parents. More funding and participation is only the first step though. The whole production needs to be looked at in a new light by everyone in order to succeed.”

11th grader ” The musical? I think it’s a waste of money  but people have fun with it so I guess it’s okay. It seems to like come out of nowhere and with extra stress that no one needs. It’s a waste of money just uses money it’s good because sometimes it brings in non-theater people”

12th grader “I’ve seen four musicals at the high school, with extremely varying quality. Recently, the musicals have felt juvenile and unprofessional, even for a high school production. The sets and musical choices feel like a low-budget middle school operation,  and based on that level of quality the amount that we’re spending to produce them is ludicrous. Unless the musicals get better, I think they’re a waste of time. money, and energy.”




One thought on “Student’s thoughts on the musical

  1. I don’t usually comment on internet sites, but I wanted to say that I have loved the musicals at the high school, at least the ones I have seen, most recently Spelling Bee and Grease (and maybe others I’m forgetting?). My kids have also loved them, and it would be VERY sad if they disappeared. I’m very surprised to see such negative comments from the students. No, they’re not professional, but it’s high school students; of course it’s not going to seem professional! I’m sorry to hear there have been funding issues, but I think it’s worth trying to save. I bet my kids would love to be involved when they are older.


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