As HotL Baltimore rehearsals go into full swing, there is a lot of energy and excitement going around. Stay tuned to the HotL Baltimore blog to learn about the play from the different perspectives of everyone involved.

Student: Gillian Doucette, Junior

Role: Producer/Suzy

For me, the experience working on HotL Baltimore has been very unique. It started as a final project for the first semester acting seminar class, which because of time issues, we never finished.  I got cast as a character who I didn’t feel really reflected me or my acting ability at all, which really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Working on the play for even just that little bit in class and getting exposure to all the characters in the play really had an effect on me which is what drove me to pursue doing more with it this spring.

We have had a lot of difficulties with time and casting of the reading but in the end I think it has been a very good experience and will turn out successful.

For me, a lot of the process for Hotl Baltimore has been working to find more about my character and develop a clear sense of who she is. My character Suzy is a character who is especially singled out away from the other characters in the fact that she is a very lonely person. Although everyone in the hotel has their differences, you can tell that they all mix together like one big family and you can see that Suzy is never really satisfied by her relationships with everyone around her. Suzy is on a never ending quest to be loved and accepted, which we see throughout the play, especially in the 3rd act.

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